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ADDC temporary power supply

Reliable, cost-efficient and environmental friendly solution to get your site powered. Start to get rid of noisy generators today and get your investment returned within months. 

How we get your site on temporary ADDC power supply in Abu Dhabi?

Project and MEP managers of every construction project in the Abu Dhabi region need to take the decision if they want to power their site by generators or by temporary power supply from the the grid (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company network). Our team provides all the information for this decision. We know where grid power from ADDC is available in Abu Dhabi and how the process from temporary power supply application until final shutdown and power-on works. Our clients benefit from our experience in temporary power supply, so that we are able to provide a return of investment calculation and detailed time schedule for every demand and project size. 

Interested in getting reliable and cost-efficient power supply for your project?